Impact: Deonna Purrazzo and Trinity battle on the docks in Toronto
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Impact: Deonna Purrazzo and Trinity battle on the docks in Toronto

Jun 02, 2023

Posted by Boris Roberto Aguilar | Aug 28, 2023

The show begins with an “In Memory” graphic for Terry Funk And Bray Wyatt. We then get a 10 bell salute.

The intro to the show airs and we get straight to the first match.

We open #Emergence with a 10 bell salute in honor of Windham Rotunda and Terry Funk.


As the match starts Young and Deaner stare at each other. Young doesn’t move and Deaner pulls out a Violent By Design towel then throws it. Young gets things started aand Deaner ends up on the outside. Young dives through the ropes and ends up landing on Kon. Young gets up and grabs a ladder and pushes it to the ring. Deaner is in and ends up tossing Young onto the ladder a few times. Kon grabs the ladder and also tosses Young out.

.@CodyDeaner kicked off #Emergence by spitting on the Violent By Design flag while @TheEricYoung took out @Big_Kon1 with a dive!


Back in the ring, Deaner uses a chain to choke Young. Kon throws a bunch of weapons into the ring. Deaner uses baking sheets on Young. Deaner then grabbed a stapler and uses it on Young twice including between his fingers. Deaner gras a trash can and places over Yong and hits it with a chair.

HUGE Elbow Drop from the ladder! @TheEricYoung @CodyDeaner #Emergence


Young then starts to come back as he hits Death Valley Driver onto a trash can. Young goes for the pin, but Kon grans Young outside of the ring. Kon wanted to use handcuffs on Young, but the pages were turned as Young uses them on Kon. Back in the ring, Young uses the trash lid on Deaner. Young then returns the favour of the stapler on Deaner. Eric sets the ladder and climbs it and delivers an elbow drop for a nearfall.

Kon breaks the cuffs and low blows Young, then chokeslams him onto two chairs. Deaner pulls out a barbed wire board and places it in the ring. Young fights back and stacks both Kon and Deaner and hits a Death Valley Driver on the barbed wire board and gets the pinfall.

Winner; Eric Young

.@Big_Kon1 breaks free from the handcuffs and delivers a devastating choke slam to @TheEricYoung through chairs! @CodyDeaner #Emergence


Gia Miller is in the back with Joe Hendry and Yuya Uemura. Hendry talked about how he and Uemura formed a team. Hendry wanted to ask Gia a question but Yuya took the mic and had Gia repeat a motivational phrase.

JOOOOOYAAA!@joehendry @Im_YuyaUemura @MeanGiaMiller #Emergence


Footage from the countdown show of Santino Marella telling Jody Threat to team with KiLynn King to replace the injured Taylor Wilde.

Wildness .

— Jody Threat (@JodyThreat) August 27, 2023

Masha and Shaw start the match. Shaw got the early advantage. Masha and King go at it but MK Ultra double team King until King landed a kick along with a Suplex to Kelly. Jessicka is in after getting a blind tag on King and immediately slams Kelly hard, followed by a sitting splash. Evans tags herself in but only got a few power moves on until Shaw and Evans double teamed Kelly.

.@KiLynnKing drops @Kelly_WP with a Stalling Suplex!#Emergence


Toronto’s own Jody Threat was in and took on Kelly. Jody is happy with herself and high fives rush by accident, making her to tag out. Death Dollz put the boots to Kelly until she hit a double DDT. Masha is in and cleans up house. Rush with a roll for a 2-count, then hits a rush right as they get up. All the women are in hitting finishers and MK Ultra hit Rush with a double team combo to win the match.

Winners: MK Ultra

MK Ultra just destroyed @Rushlemania! @mashaslamovich @Kelly_WP #Emergence


Gia Miller is with Johnny Swinger who won his only title 20 years ago to the date. She asks if he could do it again. Swinger says he will show what happens when you aren’t being held back. He explains his connection to Toronto and said he will win the title.

Buckle up, We're going back in time with @swinger_johnny! @MeanGiaMiller #Emergence


Somewhat comedy match an slow paced for Swinger but there were moments when you thought that Swinger would be able to pull it off. After some close calls for Swinger, Jean intervenes one too many times in the match and gets himself ejected from ringside.

Heath runs in from the crowd and hits a Wake Up Call to King. The referee was still distracted. Swinger goes for the pin and its a 2.9-count! King took Swinger off the top rope and gave him the Royal Flush for the win to retain.

Winners: Kenny King

King and Jean stomped Swinger after the match. Security came out to help Swinger, including Tommy Dreamer. King attacked Dreamer.

.@KennyKingPb2 and @SheldonJean_ put the boots to @swinger_johnny AND @THETOMMYDREAMER after the match! #Emergence


Josh Alexander, Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, and Kushida are in the back and they tekk their opponents tonight there is no where to run, hide, or escape.

Cameras caught up with @AlexShelley313, @SuperChrisSabin, #KUSHIDA and @Walking_Weapon ahead of their highly anticipated 8-man tag match!#Emergence


Andrews and Miguel start the fast paced match. Andrews has the upper hand, but the Rascalz come back and make an offensive. Webster was caught off from his partner until the eventual hot tag. Webster cleans house and sends both Rascalz to the outside. Both members of Subculture do a suicide dive onto the The Rascalz on the outside.

Sparks are flying already in this IMPACT World Tag Team Championship match! @Flash_Morgan @ZacharyWentz #Emergence


Miguel comes back and Suplexes Andrews, Wentz with a kick and stomo combo. Rascalz go for a Hot Fire Flame but Subculture blocks it. Andrews and Miguel fight until he hits a Canadian Destroyer on him. Rascalz fight back and eventually hit a Hot Fire Flame on the rampway. Rascalz ad Subculture fight it out until Miguel sprays the yes of Andrews. ABC are out, the Good hands are out to fight with ABC. Dani Luna climbs the top rope and dives onto ABC and Good Hands. Andrews with a stunner on Miguel, and follows that up with a Senton for a 2-count. Rascalz fight back with doubel team moves then eventually pick up the win to win the titles.

Winners: The Rascalz

#ANDNEW IMPACT World Tag Team Champions!@TheTreyMiguel @ZacharyWentz #Emergence


Lio Rush, Brian Myers, Moose, and Bully Ray are in the back. Bully said that Lio was officially in their group text. Moose said they were the greatest assembly of scumbags.

Deonna Purrazzo was shown taping up backstage and Trinity was shown getting ready also.

This was a cinematic match. They g back to the start, where it all began, the wrestling school of Killer Kowalski. They have back and firth words about respect, their past, and themselves. They start fighting. Edwards slams Kazarian onto a chair. Kaz with a Hurricanrana, then slams Edwards onto the floor. Alisha comes and goes face to face with Kazarian yelling at him about the kendo shot from a few weeks ago. Edwards blindsides Kaz and locks in a Boston Knee Party to get the win.

Winner: Eddie Edwards

After the match, Alisha attacks Kazarian from behind with a kendo stick. Edwards calls Kazarian a disappointment before shattering a picture frame over his head.

.@TheEddieEdwards and @FrankieKazarian go head to head in a BACK TO SCHOOL match RIGHT NOW at #Emergence!


The fight starts as the crows is 50/50 for both. They have a back and forth and after a Russian Legsweep from SENADA, Something just hurls his body at SENADA. Something with a series of clotheslines and climbs to the top, but SENADA tugs on the ropes, sending SOmething down hard. Something goes for a Destino, but SENADA gets out and hits a Magic Whip. SENADA with a second rope moonsault but Something catches him and slams him.

.@JakeSomething_ catches @seiyasanada and DROPS him in the middle of the ring!#Emergence


SENADA comes back with some chops, then connects with a Dropkick and ends a combo with a Headscissors takedown. Something rolls through the pin and hits a powerbomb for nearfall. SENADA hits the Shining Wizard, but Something blocks Deadfall and punches SENADA with a right. Something goes to pull him in for his finisher, but SENADA counters it and hits a Deadfall for the win.

Winner: SENADA

A sign of respect to @JakeSomething_ from @seiyasanada!#Emergence


Its a 50/50 match that saw the heels with the slight advantage. Bully wanted more than that and gets a table out. This makes Alexander take one out and set it up on his teams side. Moose and Sabin fight it out and gets him down. Bully tags in and drops an elbow on Sabin. Sabin fights Ray off and Alexander gets the hot tag, and progresses to clear house. Alexander with a rolling senton on Moose, but it was only good for a 2-count. Kushida hits Lio with a Tanaka punch, followed by Bully hitting a Suplex on Kushida. Sabin makes his was in and dropkicks Bully. In the heat of the match, Sabin accidentally hits Shelley, then Moose uppercuts Alexander and goes for a powerbomb, but Alexander blocks and goes for a C4 but its also blocked, but Alexander locks in an Ankle lock on Moose. Alexander re-adjusts the move and locks in a Sharpshooter on Moose.

.@bullyray5150 is toying with @SuperChrisSabin!#Emergence


Myers, from the top elbows the referee to save the match. Myers hits Alexander with the Roster Cut, but Time Machine is in to take out Myers. Kushida holds the ropes for a suicide dive by Sabin, but Moose catches him and puts him through a table with a Uranage. Still on the outside, Kushida puts Moose in the Hoverboard lock, but Moose walks around the ring and teases dropping Kushida on the other table, but slams him on it to have Lio Rush Splash Kushida from the top rope onto the table on the outside. Bully and Ray are fighting on the rampway after Ray calls Moose to get the table. Ray teases putting Alexander through the table but the lights go out.

.@PCOisNotHuman is at #Emergence!


PCO is out and goes after Ray. PCO was about to chokeslam Ray, but Myers lowblows PCO and Ray, Myers and Moose, put PCO through the table from the stage ramp to ringside. PCO comes right back up and chases Ray until a returning Steve Maclin attacks PCO, but sets his target on Alexander. The refs and security are out. Maclin is yelling but gets taken out back. Back in the ring, Shelley and Alexander are arguing about an accidental hit. Shelley leaves Alexander alone in the ring and Moose Spears Alexander and picks up the win.

Winners: Bully Ray, Brian Myers, Moose, and Lio Rush

.@AlexShelley313 just watched as @TheMooseNation Speared @Walking_Weapon! #Emergence


A promo for Jordynne Grace airs; her return is confirmed for IMPACT’s Victory Road event on September 8 in White Plains.

BREAKING: @JordynneGrace returns to IMPACT at #VictoryRoad Friday, September 8th in White Plains, NY! #Emergence


Gail Kim is on commentary for this main event. After the formal intros, Trinity hits an Axe Kick to the back of Purrazzo’s head. Purrazzo takes the match outside of the ring and hits a Piledriver on Trinity. Trinity is slow to get up but eventually takes control of the match and hits a Samoan Drop on Purrazzo. Purrazzo comes right back from that and gets Trinity down and locks in a Fujiwara Armbar, but Trinity gets a rope break.

A BRUTAL Piledriver on the floor has @TheTrinity_Fatu in trouble! @DeonnaPurrazzo #Emergence


The two women are back up and they trade heavy blows. Trinity with a Full Nelson Bomb, but Purrazzo blocks it, but Trinity hits a Code Red for a nearfall. Trinity rolls through the pin from the Code Red and locks a Starstruck to make Purrazzo tap out!

Winner: Trinity

Split Legged Moonsault from @TheTrinity_Fatu CONNECTS! #Emergence


After the match, Purrazzo congratulates Trinity on her hard-fought victory and the show closes with a promo.

Will Ospreay returns to IMPACT Wrestling at the biggest event of the year, Bound For Glory, LIVE October 21st on pay-per-view.

BREAKING: @WillOspreay returns to IMPACT at #BoundForGlory LIVE October 21st from Cicero Stadium in Chicago.

Get tickets NOW:



No DQ match: ERIC YOUNG VS DEANER (w/KON)Winner; Eric YoungKnockouts Tag Team Title: MK ULTRA (Masha Slamovich & Killer Kelly)(c) vs. GISELE SHAW & SAVANNAH EVANS vs. THE DEATH DOLLZ (Courtney Rush & Jessicka) VS KILYNN KING & JODY THREATWinners: MK UltraDigital Media Title: KENNY KING (c)(w/Sheldon Jean) VS JOHNNY SWINGERWinners: Kenny KingTag Team Titles: SUBCULTURE (Flash Morgan Webster & Mark Andrews w/Dani Luna)(c) VS THE RASCALZ (Trey Miguel & Zachary Wentz)Winners: The RascalzBack to School match: FRANKIE KAZARIAN VS EDDIE EDWARDSWinner: Eddie EdwardsSANADA VS JAKE SOMETHINGWinner: SENADATime Machine (Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin and Kushida) and Josh Alexander vs. Bully Ray, Brian Myers, Moose, and Lio RushWinners: Bully Ray, Brian Myers, Moose, and Lio RushWinner: Trinity