Walmart shoppers rush to buy top
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Walmart shoppers rush to buy top

Jun 18, 2023

HOME chefs are in luck because Walmart is selling a kitchen accessory normally priced at $170 for a whopping 60 percent off, and the machine could totally transform your cooking routine.

Walmart is beloved by shoppers as a go-to spot for low prices on everyday goods, from groceries to home decor and technology.

Occasionally, shoppers find markdowns that are almost too good to believe.

Just this week, a food dehydrator machine with an original price tag of $170 met a record low price of just $67.99.

The machine features eight trays and professionally preserves food items, coming in handy whether you’re looking to create jerky or dry your fruits and vegetables.

“With this food dehydrator machine, you can make foods that are more flavorful, more nutritious, preservative and additive-free, and more affordable and healthy,” the product listing says.

Shoppers could potentially create their own beef or turkey jerky by adding in the meat to the trays.

Conversely, you could also create dried herbs, spices, potpourri and dried flowers in addition to drying your own fruits and vegetables for a healthy snack.

The food machine also comes with a comprehensive hot air circulation system and will ensure precise timing and temperature control.

The machine’s precision timer can be set from one to 72 hours in 30 minute increments, from anywhere from 95 to 158 degrees.

Since the dehydrator is also height-adjustable and dishwasher safe, it should prove easy to clean and safe for use for the whole family.

The food dehydrator has garnered significant praise since it first went on the market.

On average, Walmart shoppers rated the item 4.5 stars out of five and raved about the item on its review page.

“I am absolutely enjoying my dehydrator!! Right away I of course had to make jerky, turned out amazing!” one happy customer shared on the site. “Then I made apple chips, banana chips, scalloped potatoes, dried onion-chopped, and orange slices!!”

Many other shoppers complimented the ease of maintaining the machine, even though it initially looks complicated with eight full trays for use.

“I was worried about cleaning this dehydrator, but it is a breeze to maintain,” another shopper said. “The food trays are dishwasher safe, and the unit itself is easy to wipe down.”

While Walmart already offers lower than average prices on a large portion of its products, there are even more strategies you can employ to score even more deals.

The Walmart app has been known to unlock exclusive deals that might not be apparent just by looking at an item’s marked price tag.

That’s because Walmart regularly offers hidden clearance items for tens or even hundreds of dollars less than a product’s marked price.

All you need to do is use the app’s barcode scanning tool, and you’ll see an adjusted price for all hidden clearance items.

Generally, however, shoppers save big by purchasing from Walmart’s Great Value products.

These items are priced significantly cheaper than other name brand products, but they often are just as high quality if not more impressive than the pricier finds.

Walmart shoppers have also been racing to score a $398 designer bag selling for only $105 at the retailer.

The major store chain is also offering its loyalty members extra discounts on gas.