Seven Strategies to Navigate USPS Regulations for Effective Self
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Seven Strategies to Navigate USPS Regulations for Effective Self

Jul 15, 2023

As you know from our post on postcards, there are many times that a design element causes a mailing to go at a higher rate of postage. This can be frustrating as well as expensive. In order to help you stay away from potential issues here are some things to keep in mind as you are preparing a direct mail campaign.

Now let’s look at Self-Mailers:

Your best bet is to design your self-mailer and then send a pdf to your direct mail provider, to have them find any problems with the design. They can help to make sure you are automation compliant and save on postage. As you are going through the process, do not let it stop your creativity. It is the unique and creative pieces that get the recipients attention and increase your ROI. Do not let these regulations limit your design. There are plenty of ways to create self-mailers that standout and get attention! Contact your mail provider for samples and suggestions.

Summer Gould is Account Executive at Neyenesch Printers. Summer has spent her 31 year career helping clients achieve better marketing results. She has served as a panel speaker for the Association of Marketing Service Providers conferences. She is active in several industry organizations and she is a board member for Printing Industries Association San Diego, as well as the industry chair for San Diego Postal Customer Council. You can find her at Neyenesch’s website:, email: [email protected], on LinkedIn, or on Twitter @sumgould.

Self-Mailer size is5 x 5 to 6 x 10.5, Paper stock must be a minimum of 70lb,Keep your aspect ratio between 1.3 and 2.5.There are two options for addressing a self-mailerBarcode in the address blockBarcode clear zone addressingThere are two kinds of folds horizontal and vertical:horizontal foldsvertical foldsTabbing or fugitive glue closures are requiredtabbingfugitive gluingPoly bag/envelopeSummer Gould