The 20 Best Gifts for the Mom Who Has Everything
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The 20 Best Gifts for the Mom Who Has Everything

May 28, 2023

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According to a mom.

It's hard finding a gift for mom. It's not because she's difficult, picky, or demanding; it's because she already says she has it all. And by having it all, she means having a loving family. But today, that's not enough. It's time to get her an actual, tangible gift that she might insist against, but deep down truly loves.

Therefore, it was only fitting that I consult my own mom to find the keys to unlocking matriarchal happiness. "I spend so much time taking care of everyone else's needs that I would like to be given a gift that shows someone else cares about my needs. It should be something that has a sense of understanding and a personal touch," she tells me over the phone. "I like jewelry, earrings especially, or a fun shirt to go out in at night because us moms still have fun. Or a purse that's different and not overtly branded. Even like a pretty tray to be served breakfast in bed." Take note dad.

With her help, I've narrowed down the 20 best gifts to get the mom who has everything. Because despite what she thinks, she doesn't have everything. Not yet at least.

Get her in on the quiet luxury trend with a bag that's subtly branded. Givenchy balanced a slouchy silhouette with a polished leather for a subtly elegant look.

Mama Keiderling is a particular fan of a dress for tennis, pickleball, or just running around the city. Lululemon's lightweight, sweat-wicking fabric keeps you comfortable on the go.

These blue topaz earrings are adding a touch of color to her everyday outfit. Also, Brilliant Earth makes its jewelry from recycled materials so there's a sustainable component you can feel good about.

Her hands could use some luxe cream to nourish her skin. Dior makes a silky smooth one.

When she's not doing the most, she likes just lounging around the house. Make her the coziest couch potato in the world.

If you're going to splurge, you might as well do it right. Tiffany's tennis bracelet is a timeless classic that is as glamorous as it gets.

A fancy espresso machine to make her mornings seamless and serene.

That fun blouse my mom mentioned? L'Agence delivers a silk style that is perfectly printed for a summery night out and about.

She loves Chanel shoes, but she wouldn't necessarily buy them herself. Do us all a favor and get here these chic loafers.

Because she needs a bathrobe as wonderful as her.

As my mom said, bring her breakfast in bed. On a tray that's its own stately piece of décor like this one from Jonathan Adler.

A beachy tote is going to make her feel like she's on vacation. Even better? Treat her to a vacation to go with the bag.

Aptly named, this ring is a dainty addition to her jewelry collection. It's for the woman that does it all.

Another note from my mom, but a beautiful coverup makes for a thoughtful gift. This kaftan is keeping her covered as she heads to the pool, but in peak fashion.

An iconic pairing of moisturizing cream and eye concentrate make this beauty duo entirely irresistible. Her skin's going to feel rejuvenated, relaxed, and completely hydrated.

If she lives somewhere that gets cold (like, say, Chicago), she's going to appreciate this warm parka to get her through the winter. Or the fall and spring, if she really does live in Chicago.

From the moment she gets out of bed, she should be treated like a queen. Let these slippers give her that treatment.

Her guilty pleasure? Really fine whiskey.

My mom loves Golden Goose. Why? They're practical, versatile, and exceptionally comfortable. She wears them everywhere she goes.

When faced with a tough decision of what to get her, you really can't go wrong with a fabulous Hermès scarf. This one is the first that's ever been printed on both sides, giving her two scarves in one.

Gaby Keiderling is a New York based writer, working on fashion, lifestyle, travel, and sports features. She also covers celebrity style for Esquire's 'Get Ready with Me' franchise. Her work can also be seen in Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, and more. Sometimes you can spot her around the West Village, out on a walk with her dog Sneakers.

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